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Hometown: indonesian - Posted December 15, 2016 4:20 am


<a href='http://ceritapanasku.com/index.php/category/abg/' title='ABG' > Cerita dewasa </a>Sometimes I feel like relationships consist of telling your same life stories to different people until someone finally appreciates them.

Hometown: San Fernando, Pampanga, Philippines - Posted December 12, 2016 8:41 pm


Hi Judy,

I would just like to take this time to thank you. The first Judy Blume book I ever read was Double Fudge in the third grade, it was my going-away present from my teacher since I was moving schools from San Diego to Vegas. And it's been 12 years since then and I've lost count of how much I've reread the story over and over again. I guess you could say I could very much relate to Peter, especially that one part in the book where he was so angry that he messed with all of Uncle Howie's things in the bathroom. THANK YOU for giving me a door to a fun world with Fudge and Peter. A door that I could enter once I open my slightly overused book. My fingers are still crossed for a Double Fudge sequel(??) But regardless, thank you Judy Blume! God bless you!

Hometown: Dinuba - Posted December 8, 2016 11:35 pm


Hi Judy Blume!
I just wanted to say thank you so much for being an awesome writer. I love your books because children and adults could connect with your characters. In the second grade my parents divorced and I felt that I was the only child in the world that this happened to. Luckily I found a lot of comfort in my favorite book, "It's Not the End of the World." I read it so many times in those couple of years. I totally connected to Karen in your book.
Now I am a fifth grade teacher and I am reading my favorite book to my students and they really love it. I told them, "You can totally fall in love with books when you find the right ones!" I purchased your series of Fudge, SuperFudge, and Tales of the Fourth Grade Nothing for my class library and I'm sure my students will enjoy them and much as I do!
God Bless

Hometown: belmar nj - Posted December 6, 2016 11:28 am


hello judy your book judy bloom tales of a 4th grade nothing inspired me to read new genres i used to only read graphic novels but now the book i read was well good and was funny it had suspense i am writing this to u to show how much i love your book love:tod

Hometown: Neptune, NJ Worked on Railroad in Newark and Elizabeth - Posted December 5, 2016 3:52 pm

Erwin Coons

Have read all four of your adult novels. Loved all. Summer Sisters is tied in my opinion with Unlikely Event. Great! All were great but those two were the greatest. Thanks, Erv

Hometown: Blairstown, NJ - Posted December 2, 2016 4:17 pm


I just finished In the Unlikely Event, and I loved it! Since I had just started H.S. at the time of those plane crashes (though I don't remember them, but my husband does), the timing of the book brought back many other memories.

The only other adult book, of Judy's, I had read was Summer Sisters. Now I need to read her other two adult books.

Hometown: Valparaiso - Posted December 2, 2016 1:08 pm


Dear Judy Blume,
I love reading your chapter books, they are so exciting! I just got Double Fudge. I love it! My mom and dad loved reading your books when they were kids, too. I got Sheila the Great last Christmas. I hope you respond and have a good holiday! From Georgia PS: What inspired you to write great books?

Hometown: Marin county - Posted December 2, 2016 1:00 pm


Hello Judy!! My name is Keri! I am the mother of 6 children and licensed for Emergency Foster Care. I have written a children's book for children who have been removed from their home and taken into foster care. I am inspired by your books and artwork! I'm totially lost how launch my book and don't trust all the sites in the internet so I thought I would try to connect with you! There is such a need for these guys to find comfort in such a horrible situation and I have written a delightful book th help them through this time!
Best wishes and hoping to connect

Thank you- Keri

Hometown: wagga - Posted December 1, 2016 7:10 pm


Dear Judy,
My name is Rainer. I am 8 years old. My teacher Mrs Gillett has been
Reading us Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. My favourite part was
The TV star because Fudge was being naughty and silly. My favourite character is Fudge. I liked how you described Fudge.
From Rainer

Hometown: Wagga Wagga - Posted December 1, 2016 7:09 pm


Dear Judy,
My name is Loki and I am 7 years old. My teacher, Mrs Gillett
has been reading Tales of a fourth Grade Nothing. My favourite
Chapter is the birthday bash because all the toddlers were crazy.

Kind regards, Loki

Hometown: Wagga - Posted December 1, 2016 7:08 pm


Dear Mrs Blume,
My name is Sage. I am 8 years old. My teacher, Mrs Gillett has been reading Tales of the 4th Grade Nothing.
My favourite part was when Fudge wanted to go on the trike again because he winded really funny.
My favourite character is Fudge because he is winey a lot.
Kind Regards,

Hometown: wagga wagga - Posted December 1, 2016 7:06 pm


Dear Judy
My name is Lucas and I am in year 2. My teacher Mrs Gillet has been reading us your book, Tales Of a 4th Grade Nothing.
My favourite part was when Fudge was on the bike and my favourite character of course is Fudge because he is really funny.
From Lucas

Hometown: wagga - Posted December 1, 2016 7:03 pm


Dear Judy Blume,
My name is Breanna and im 9 years old.My teacher mrs Gillett, has been raadind Tales of a 4th gradenothing.
My favourite part was when Sheila,Jimmy and Peter made the poter because shila was being bossy.It was a veryfun book to read.

Hometown: wagga wagga - Posted December 1, 2016 7:00 pm


is Paolo. Dear Judy,
My name
I`m 8 years old.
My teacher, Mrs Gillett has been reading Tales of a 4th grade nothing.
My favourite part was when Fudge or Fang broke his teeth because it was very funny.
My favourite character is Ralf he is a very fat person and very mean to Fudge.
from Paolo

Hometown: Wagga Wagga - Posted December 1, 2016 7:00 pm


Dear Mrs Blume,

My name is Aimee Iím 8 years old. My teacher is Mrs Gillett she has been reading Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing.my favorite part was when it was fudges birthday because fudge was ripping up the poster I love all of the books.

From Aimee

Hometown: Wagga Wagga - Posted December 1, 2016 6:57 pm


Dear Judy
My name is Ethan. I am 8 years old. My favourite part was when fudge was at the movies, when fudge was throwing popcorn, pow, pow, and pow. Great book!!!
Kind regards,

Hometown: Wagga Wagga - Posted December 1, 2016 6:54 pm


Dear Mrs Blume,
My name is Sarah. I am eight and a half years old. My teacher, Mrs Gillett, has been reading Tales of a Fourth Grade to us. My favourite part was the assessment for Peterís school because it was rather funny.
My favourite character was Fudge because he is very funny and when Mrs Gillet used her expression, it made Fudgeís voice even more funny.
The way you thought of about Dadís job and the name of the juice company made me happier than before.
Kind Regards,

Hometown: wagga - Posted December 1, 2016 6:52 pm


My name is jake I like PLAYING SPORT I like reading about fudge because when he gets picked he doesnít ride the bike but when peter get bike he rides . fudge said ďme ride bikeĒ he rode the bike and got two cookies .from jennie.

Hometown: Wagga Wagga - Posted December 1, 2016 6:52 pm


Dear Judy Blume,
My name is Lucy. I am eight years old. My teacher, Mrs Gillett, has been reading Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. My favourite part was when Fudge was picked for the toddler bike add because Peter had to help get Fudge to move by riding the toddler bike. I like the imagination in the story. My favourite character is Fudge because he always gets up to mischief.

Hometown: Wagga Wagga - Posted December 1, 2016 6:50 pm


Dear Judy,
My name is Pragya. I am 8 years old. My teacher, Mrs Gillett has been reading us Tales of 4th Grade Nothing. My favourite part was Fudge says peter because it sounds funny. My favourite chapter was fang hits town because of how it sounds.
From Pragya.

Hometown: Wagga Wagga - Posted December 1, 2016 6:49 pm

Lucas S

Dear Judy

My name is Lucas S. I am 8 years old. My teacher is Mrs Gillett. She has been reading us Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing.
My favourite part is when Peter rode the toddler bike because Fudge wanted to do it as well. My favourite character is Peter because he is not famous.

Hometown: wagga wagga - Posted December 1, 2016 6:43 pm


dear Judy,
my name is Angus i am 9 years old.my teacher,mrs Gillett has been reading tales of a fourth grade nothing.My favourite part was party because jennie,sam,ralph were a good mix the biter the cry baby and the fat boy. Anew book could be flaming fudge when fudge has kids my favourite character is peter is peter. Kind regards angus

Hometown: New York - Posted November 30, 2016 7:40 pm


Dear Judy Blume,

I turned six today and received Freckle Juice for my birthday. I read half of it to my mom and noticed a problem with pages 19 and 27 (that even she didn't notice). Sharon's recipe is returned to Andrew at 3PM from Miss Kelly and Andrew is then picking up the keys from his mom at 3PM. I hope you find this useful. Happy to help you edit any new kids book!

Maren S

Posted November 29, 2016 12:10 pm


your books are so fun to read. I want to thank you for all the books you did for the kise

Hometown: East Yorkshire, UK - Posted November 29, 2016 8:04 am


Dear Mrs. Judy Blume,

My name is Ajani and I am 9 years old. I love your Fudge series and I would love to read more of them. I finished reading them two months ago and they are sooo GOOD that I am reading them over again. Fudge is my favourite character and I would love to see him do more naughty things and get into adventures. Also,could you please make Sheila less annoying and rude to Peter and Jimmy. I am looking forward to reading more about Fudge and his adventures.
I hope you write more books for the series,
Yours truly,

Hometown: Melbourne - Posted November 28, 2016 5:09 am


Dear Judy Blume,
You're an amazing author! I absolutely love your books and think tha your stories are really exciting!! My personal favourites are: Are you there god? It's me Margaret and Deenie. My mum loved your books and still does! She thinks you're an amazing author as do I! Write another book!!!!

Kindest regards Ines

Hometown: Fort hancock - Posted November 26, 2016 2:18 am


Hello MS. Judy first of all I want to tell you how I found out about you, I was at my school library, because I needed a book to read since I'm involved in book club and a friend of mine showed me your book and I want to tell you that I love your book forever but I am not satisfied with the ending I want to know about what happens next because this book can't end like this please can you email me back to answer my questions because I want to know what happens next does Kat and Mike come back and meet in the winter etc. I have more questions that I want to ask you please I need to know.
I hope to hear from you soon

Hometown: Victoria British Columbia Canada - Posted November 23, 2016 11:01 pm


Dear Judy Blume,
You're a very busy lady, and I understand if you won't be able to answer this. But I wanted to tell you that I really love your books. I am probably your biggest fan. I have all of your books, but I have some favourites: Deenie, Double Fudge, and the one with Sally J. Freedman. I also like the one with Karen, when her parents get divorced? And the one with Stephanie.
To make a long story short, I really love your books and I wanted to let you know that you inspire me to love reading and writing.
Sincerely and love,

Hometown: Taiwan - Posted November 22, 2016 7:01 am


Dear Judy Blume, I am Daphne and I am eight years old. I live in Taiwan and I love your books. My favorite is Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. I like Sheila but Peter is better because Sheila is kind of annoying sometimes. Also, who does Fudge think he is? He's so funny. Right now I am reading Blubber and it is great. I know you are really busy so don't worry about replying.


Hometown: Mountain View, Wyoming - Posted November 21, 2016 12:09 pm


My friend and I are writing a children's book and we were wondering if you could give us any hints or advice. We are Jouniors at Mountain View high school. If you could respond,that would be great, if not that's okay too.
Elizabeth & Lila

Hometown: Orange County, California - Posted November 17, 2016 10:12 pm


Hi Mrs. Judy Blume, my name is Taylor and I love your books! Im currently reading Then Again Maybe I won't! It's amazing! Are you going to make more books for kids? It would be amazing if you could write me back! Thank You!

Hometown: Globe - Posted November 16, 2016 8:46 pm


Dear Judy Blume,
I love your book called The One In The Middle Is The Green Kangro. Sorry about spelling. I can totaly relate to the book. I have one older brother and one little sister. I do feel like the peanut butter in a samwitch. So I wrote about that book for my book report so I could finsh second grade. My second grade teacher thought it was the most thoughtful one.Thank you for writing amazing books evryday.
Yours truely,
Ria .D

Hometown: Bronxville - Posted November 15, 2016 1:08 pm


Dear Judy Blume,
I am writing to tell you that I love your books on Fudge like Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing; otherwise Know as Sheila the Great, Superfudge, Fudge-a-mania, and I am reading Double Fudge, but, I am also writing to say in Super Fudge when Fudge said "I know there's no such thing as Santa" if I hadn't already known I would have been very heartbroken. No offense, but I don't think you should write that kind of stuff in your books that could really make a kid sad if they didn't already know like me. No offense.
From Aidan

Posted November 14, 2016 8:25 pm


Hi Judy I'm a big fan. And I love reading your book and I have the whole self of your books and I love the kid one but I don't have the teenage one I of he to read them. I love that u can written me back.

Hometown: International Falls - Posted November 13, 2016 7:31 pm


Hi Judy, I wanted to ask if you will please write more books in the fudge series? I think the series has so much life in it . Please write more books I need some good news after this election.


Hometown: St.goerg - Posted November 13, 2016 4:07 pm


Hello I've Read all of your books I think you should write more Books

Hometown: Seattle - Posted November 11, 2016 2:45 am


I love your books I read all of them

Hometown: Blaine, Minnesota - Posted November 10, 2016 6:56 pm


Dear Judy Blume, my name is Olivia and I'm from Minnesota. I recently just finished your book "Forever...". I am very sad that you didn't write a second book. I was really hoping that Michael and Katherine would get back together but then you stopped the book. This book gave me so much knowledge and happiness, and you writing another book would make me the happiest person in the world! Please write another book. You Would make me so happy. I normally I'm not the book reader, but your book has inspired me to read so many more books. If your actually reading this, please write another book, make me happy! Please write back. Thank You!

Hometown: Newnan - Posted November 9, 2016 10:56 am



I love your peter books my favorite book was Tales Of a forth grade nothing

Hometown: Decatur,Il - Posted November 6, 2016 9:57 pm


Dear Judy Blume,
I love your Fudge books. They are so great and so funny. My favorite character is Sheila because she is so elegant. My second favorite character is Fudge because he is funny. Judge's bird is so funny when he says "bonjour stupid." That made me and my brother laugh so hard! Please write more Fudge books. Sincerely, Chloe
PS. Please write back when you get a chance

Posted November 5, 2016 1:49 pm


I really like the way you write the Fudge books. I have your books. I've been listening to you ever since I was a little girl. You inspire me because you've never given up. I would like to meet you.

your biggest fan,

Hometown: Aliso Viejo, CA - Posted November 4, 2016 12:17 pm


Hi Judy,
I've been reading your books ever since I was very little and I am 12 now. I just wanted to say thank you for writing all of your awesome books! I especially liked your books about Fudge so I really would like more...

Hometown: lake isabella - Posted November 2, 2016 4:04 pm


hi my name is kelly and i love your books. i am doing a book report type thing at school and i would love to interview you

Hometown: Philippines - Posted October 28, 2016 2:06 pm


Hi Judy! I really love the stories about Fudge and I even bought another copy of the Tales of the Fourth Grade Nothing to my lil sis. I'm already 18 but I'm still fond of books you write. I believe, it isn't for kids only but the moral teaches the grown-ups as well. May God bless you!

Hometown: Belleville - Posted October 27, 2016 9:44 pm


My Uncle Paul Stefanelli died in the 1951 plane crash going to Tampa. I would love to know more..

Hometown: Austin Texas - Posted October 27, 2016 9:12 pm


Dear,juby blumer you make traffic books. I was going to talk about how you make me laugh every time I read your books. One reason is that I like how Mrs.yander liked the little brother more then the older brother the older brother was being very respectful and Mrs.yander did not care she kept cuddling with the younger brother. That was funny. It is a very humerus book and very carrying. One thing I learned it was to be more responsible with your pets.others then that you make very wonderful, funny books.one thing you could of change was why is the older brother mad at the younger brother. Keep writing books and I hope you wright back.bye

Hometown: St.goerg - Posted October 27, 2016 3:30 pm


You should write more fudge books Gmail me back

Hometown: NOVO HAMBURGO - BRAZIL - Posted October 27, 2016 7:51 am


Hello, Judy! I`ve been reading SuperFudge with my 6th grade students in a bilingual school in the south of Brazil. We loved the story and we are doing some works about it, like a portfolio. Students have created new cover ideas for the book. I would like to show you if you want. Kisses.

Hometown: West PalmBeach - Posted October 26, 2016 9:27 am


I absolutly love your books Mrs.Blume and I have read them all. I had a great book idea that I wanted to share a great book idea that I have always wanted to share with you. I would love it if you would listen to it. Just let me know when you want to hear it. I'm a writer myself and have always wanted to write a book. So, maybe we could meet and you could give me writing tips.

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea - Posted October 26, 2016 6:05 am


Hello! I am Yuni again. Thank you for answering my letter. You are so kind!
When i am in the school year, I didn't like reading books. I got interested in your Fudge a mania book. And I also loved biking in America myself. I feel so free when I am riding my bike.

I am visiting your website. I feel sorry I didn't read your Pain and the Great One series. I hope I read someday.
What is your favorite character? Mine is Hello Kitty. They are just like my sister and me. I like cats, but it's really hard to make the sound as you said. Thank you again for writing back!

Love Yuni

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