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Hometown: ohio - Posted May 29, 2013 11:53 am


i love your books

Hometown: Seongnam Bundang, Korea - Posted May 29, 2013 9:27 am


Hi, Judy Blume!!! I think you are very awesome, Your books are very interesting and funny!

Hometown: snellville - Posted May 28, 2013 10:58 am


hi Judy , I just want to thank you for all the hilarious books you have written keep on shning! ps pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease write another fudge book fudge is sooooooooooooo funny

Hometown: Cedar Rapids - Posted May 28, 2013 9:46 am


Hey loved Summer Sisters . Lots of twist

Hometown: Scunthorpe,North Lincolnshire,United Kingdom - Posted May 26, 2013 11:16 am

David Marsh

Always supporting all those who expose this massive problem of "Bullying" in all our communities, from all your friends at http://www.tomthumb.info/ Thank you.

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY - Posted May 25, 2013 9:50 am

Robin Adelson

Hi Judy,
My name is Robin Adelson and I am a special education teacher at PS 197 in Brooklyn, New York. I am writing to thank you for helping to bring a love of reading to my class of 3rd, 4th and 5th graders! That is not easy when television, computers and video games are so popular. We love your books so much that we are having a Judy Blume day in our class, complete with a cake, imprinted t-shirts and a song.
Thanks so much!
Robin Adelson

Hometown: Trondheim, Norway - Posted May 25, 2013 7:42 am


Hi, again!
It's me, Riwoo. I am now thinking of buying the book Forever. I seems to me as if I am drawn by a force to buy all of your books, becuz at first dad bought me Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret book, then I read a small part of Deenie at the back of the Margaret-book and dad bought that book for me too, then I wanted to read Tiger Eyes, and now I want to read the book Forever!!!
Love, Riwoo ;D :l

Hometown: California - Posted May 24, 2013 10:55 pm


Hi Judy...
You are an amazingly awesome author. Keep up the good work. I can't wait to see what you come up with next.

Hometown: Rocanville - Posted May 24, 2013 6:19 pm


hi at school i am reading a book of yours called sheila the great it is really good so far so good

Hometown: NYC - Posted May 24, 2013 1:11 pm


Hi Judy. I'm an educator, children's and curriculum writer who saw "Tiger Eyes" last night at JCC and was bowled over!! My sons were force fed your books even though they would've rather played baseball 24/7. My son ZJ, now 29, is autistic and "LD," especially loved and felt kinship with "Superfudge." My son Ezra, 32, is a school psychologist who loved your characters.
As for last night's perfect timing--I run the Jewish Children's Book Club for the JCC's "Jewish Journey Project" for kids. Books we choose have some Jewish content or characters. I will recommend "Tiger Eyes." Though we don't meet again til Sept., members can read over the summer. My students (grades 4/5 and 6/7) write reviews, responses and their own stories based on themes we explore. Your description of the writing process, characters first, plots follow them, was personally inspiring.
Here's what I loved about the film/story: the native American elements and themes I surmised about community, lineage, tradition, etc. The timeless characters who never became stereotypical. The absence of vampires, werewolves, and hi-tech devices. The stunning use of setting without too many words, from tacky, tawdry Atlantic City to the caves and secrets of Los Alamos. The kind of creepy acting adults who Davey astutely observes. The internal life of Davey as she grows up and confronts the dark realities of her life.
May timeless coming of age stories like "Tiger Eyes" prevail, with true characters and emotion that transcend niche marketing trends. Thanks so much to you and Lawrence for the awesome premiere. Good Luck!

Hometown: The Big Apple, New York - Posted May 24, 2013 1:27 am


Dear Ms. Blume,

When I was young (far too young for me to admit), the first book by you that I read was "Forever". I remember that it was beautiful, and amazing, that I fell in love with your writing style. From that age, it taught me that books could be written, published even, that dealt with adult themes, and they weren't burned. When I read "Summer Sisters" and "Just as Long as We're Together", I knew that an author could write different genres, different audiences, and not be thrown to the wolves. Your books helped inspire me to write all of my ideas without care to the critics.

You're amazing. Thank you

Hometown: Carson City - Posted May 23, 2013 12:06 pm


Dear Judy, I love your books. I especially love FRECKLE JUICE. You are an marvelous storyteller. Do you teach children writing? Shania

Hometown: Montclair, NJ - Posted May 23, 2013 11:43 am

( Mr ) Dana,

I have been a fan and supporter of yours for years.
I read recently that you are a "Passionate Tap
Enthusiast". So am I. At my restaurant in Montclair
NJ, on my birthday, June 13th, at 7:00 PM
there will be a performance of an amazing
Tap Dancer called Maurice Chestnut, a 28 year
old virtuoso from Newark, NJ. I am inviting you to
attend this performance. I can guarantee you that
you have never seen anyone do what this young man
does with his tap shoes!

Hometown: florida - Posted May 22, 2013 7:42 pm


While doing the project on you and reading about you and your books I thought of a great idea for another Fudge book. How about Peter has a crush on a new girl in school (named after me) and instead she likes Jimmy, so then Peter and Jimmy get into a fight. Meanwhile Sheila's big sister gets the worst job ever. Also Peter finds out that the only reason Sheila messes with him is because she likes him. So that's what I've been thinking about so far. I hope you like it and write another Fudge book.

Hometown: florida - Posted May 22, 2013 7:07 pm


Judy I adore all your fudge books I even have the whole collection I love you as an author so much I'm doing a project on you well all I can say is that I'm nuts for Fudge and need more

Hometown: Sydney - Posted May 22, 2013 1:26 am


Judy! I remember in 4th Grade i was introduced to your book Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing - and it just spiraled from there! What a fantastic, imaginative mind. I thank you profusely and from the bottom of my heart for all the books that kept me reading and reading during my primary school days and even young high school days. I am only now collecting your books for my 8 and a half year old to start reading. I am sure he will love them as much as i did, if not more! Thank you - much love from Australia

Hometown: springfiled - Posted May 20, 2013 11:23 am


Can you add the hatcher family tree so i can do research on it?

Hometown: Waynesville - Posted May 20, 2013 10:21 am


I'm a fourth grade teacher and love "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing" my class is reading it now!

Hometown: New York - Posted May 19, 2013 6:14 pm


Im your biggest fan ever!!!

Hometown: New York - Posted May 19, 2013 6:10 pm


I love your books! If i could, I would read your books all day! I wish I could meet you in person! If possible could you go to my school at June 14 2013 at 12:48 to meet me? Im in class xxx. My school is xxxxx. I hope i meet you!!!
If you do come, thank you so much!

Hometown: New York - Posted May 19, 2013 6:00 pm


I love your book Blubber!Its a great story!I want to read it every month.Im sure that it is the best book i will ever read in my whole life! You are a great author Judy Blume! So I just have to say thank you!!

Hometown: Herriman, UT - Posted May 18, 2013 11:31 pm

Alyssa and dad Steve

We LOVE reading about Fudge. We'd love to re-read the same stories written from Fudge's point of view.

Hometown: Miami,Florida - Posted May 17, 2013 7:43 pm


Dear Judy,

Your books inspire me too read, as a teenager in Junior High I am often encouraged to read. Many times I do the exact opposite though it's NOT due to laziness. I can never seem to find a book that I can relate to nor do they capture my undivided attention. Your books are totally different. I cant seem to put them down. My mother often gets frustrated because when I read your books I go into a whole different dimension and block everything and everyone out. But I continue to beg her to check another book out and she continues to give in.



Hometown: Miami Beach - Posted May 17, 2013 2:51 pm


Dear Judy,
I am a Guidance Counselor and have been requiring the book Are You There God it's Me Margaret for our fifth grade girls for over 10 years and Then Again Maybe I Won't for the fifth grade boys.

I would love it if you wrote an updated version of the books. Some years my students love the books and other times they aren't able to relate to some of the games, spin the bottle and "I must increase my bust." I enjoy girls discussing the books with their mothers and grandmothers and would continue to require this but would love an updated version.

Hometown: Summerville - Posted May 16, 2013 5:26 pm


Hi Mrs. Blume!!! Oh my gosh I love your books! My favorite is Are You There God? It's me, Margaret. It is soooo amazing! I've read it like 10 times! It was one of my mom's favorites when she was a kid. In fact, she was the one that got the book for me! Oh my gosh... I just remembered. I'm doing my project on you! You are just SOOO inspirational! Please write another book soon. PLEASE! Your #1 fan,
P.S. I would be SOOOOOOOOOO greatful if you wrote back! I love you!

Hometown: Hyde Park new york - Posted May 15, 2013 8:40 pm


Hi Mrs. Blume,
I love all your books, I was prepared for my period because of them. But the I love the most is Deenie. I am facing scoliosis surgery next week and I felt that this book captured the uncertainty
about it. Thanks so much for writing about it! keep up the Good Work!!
Your friend, Cosette
P.S. I would love it if I get a response

Hometown: machesney park - Posted May 15, 2013 10:47 am


cool books judy

Hometown: Texas - Posted May 15, 2013 1:07 am


Hi Mrs. Blume, I've been reading your books for a long time now (sine the third grade that is) and you are a great writer. Some problems in the book I face in real life. So it's cool to relate. Anyway I'm almost finished reading all your books and reading some of the books make me feel so mature.

Toodles for now

Hometown: Alabaster - Posted May 14, 2013 9:21 pm

Abigail H.

Thank you for all your hard work Mrs. Blume! All of the children I know love your books and love the great Fudge boy! Thank for everything!

Hometown: Barrie - Posted May 14, 2013 4:58 pm


I really enjoyed the "Fudge" books. I am wondering if you are planning to write another one that I will enjoy. Please do!!

Thank you!

Hometown: Oroville - Posted May 14, 2013 4:24 pm


Hi, I`m your biggest fan! My favorite book is Double Fudge! And I have loved this book since I was about three years old. Because when Peter's brother ate his baby turtle I thought it was hilarious.
I hope you are working on another book and that you reply if you have time.
Thank you,
Austin Hoover

Hometown: abuja - Posted May 14, 2013 1:23 pm


Hi my name is sophie i cam froom germany but I live in Abuja and I got a project about you I m so happy that I found this webside I hope you can give me some clues about you

your sophie

Hometown: Shelbyville IN - Posted May 14, 2013 12:21 pm


I am sure you here this all the time, but I am your biggest fan! I started reading your books when a teacher in third grade suggested I read "superfudge"
After that I read every Judy Blume book in the school library then my local library. Now thatI am an adult I share my love for all your wonderful books. My neice is now six and learning how to read. I thought what would be a better gift then to give her the gift that someone gsve me, the gift of Judy Blume!

Hometown: farmington - Posted May 13, 2013 6:32 pm


thanks for making this web site it helpt me alot on my report i'v always wanted to be a wrighter but i cant spell to well

Hometown: Carlyle - Posted May 13, 2013 6:32 pm


Dear Judy I rilly like your books your friend Audrey B.

Hometown: san juan, tx - Posted May 13, 2013 12:45 pm


Is there going to be a part two of forever?

I loved that book! But you left it at a cliffhanger. And i want to know if Katherine and Michael get back together.

Hometown: Copiague - Posted May 13, 2013 12:29 pm

Mrs. Byrnes

Hi Mrs. Blume,
My third grade class just finished reading "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing" and they really enjoyed it. As a writing assignment they wrote you letters telling you their thoughts and favorite parts of the story. Hopefully you will receive them and perhaps even write back. Thankyou for your awesome stories...kids really love them! Grown-ups do too

Hometown: Housten - Posted May 12, 2013 9:06 pm


Dear Mrs.Blume I have a very important question for you, you see i'm doing a research paper on authors and i picked you, my question is.... did you ever have a favorite author? Respond Very Quickly Please! Jaden.

Hometown: Falls Church - Posted May 12, 2013 1:41 pm


Hey there! Linda here just heard about you and your
books. You sound wonderful and I can't wait to read your books. God Bless Linda

Hometown: Phoenix - Posted May 10, 2013 12:09 pm

Mrs. Hofland's Class

Dear Ms. Blume,
We are reading Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. This book is amazing and really funny. We love your books. We hope we can read more during this year.
Mrs. Hofland's Class

Hometown: Euclid, Ohio - Posted May 9, 2013 9:22 pm


I have been a fan of yours since 1983, when I read my first book. I am still a huge fan and enjoy reading my "childhood friends" whenever I can.

Hometown: Henderson, KY - Posted May 9, 2013 9:20 am


Is there an order in which the Judy Blume books should be read? Fudge, etc.

Hometown: Trondheim, Norway - Posted May 9, 2013 5:21 am


Hi Mrs Judy!
Is it true your surname is actually Sussman?
Love, Riwoo
PS. I have read Tiger Eyes and I enjoyed the contents and the book cover! It was fun, the way Davey called herself Tiger and Martin called himself Wolf.

Hometown: newnan - Posted May 8, 2013 8:58 pm


Read all the Fudge books to funny. Love all you do for me and all the other readers. Thanks for all the good writing.

Hometown: atlanta - Posted May 8, 2013 5:48 pm


Judy I love your books, I'm in the middle of reading Blubber. you speak the truth. Thanks to you and your amazing books I absolutely love to read. Please don't stop doing what you do best!

Posted May 8, 2013 5:21 pm


Dear Judy,
I am reading tales of a fourth grade nothing. I got it about 2 years or so ago and I was reading at first and I thought it was really boring but I still kept it and I decided just yesterday to read it again so I did and Im happy I did cuz now I really am enjoying it but after I am done this book, Im gonna read the other books in this series. It really has gotten my attention and its really a great book(:

Hometown: cold lake - Posted May 7, 2013 4:00 pm


i LOVE double fudge!!! its amazayn

Hometown: Florida - Posted May 6, 2013 3:38 pm


dear Judy Blume I have never been much of a write but love to read. Your books are well written and are the type of books that make you feel part of it. I am doing a report and am wondering if while you where writing a book if any special events happened.
If possible can you please write back
Sincerely, Ana

Hometown: millerstown - Posted May 6, 2013 11:51 am


I loved reading your books as I grew up. Blubber was one of my favorites, mostly because I understood what it was like to be at the receiving end of the bullying. In a way it helped me feel better about the situation I was in, and stand up for myself. Now I am doing a report for my senior year on censorship, and I happened to come across your website and all you had on censorship. It has been a huge help to me, and will probably be a big part of my paper. I'm citing everything, of course, but I was wondering if you had anything new to share? Any new books that have been censored that you have been involved with, things like that.

Also, I wanted to thank you. I don't know what I would have done if my school had started banning books when I was young, and I am so glad that you are there to stick up for others who aren't so lucky.

Hometown: alabama - Posted May 6, 2013 9:40 am


hey i love freckle juice and sheila the great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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